Bag Closing Sewing Threads

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Author : ANKE Industrial Threads
Update time : 2020-04-20 11:31:37

Polyester closing thread is divided into civil polyester closing thread and industrial polyester bag closing thread, which is mainly used for sewing the civil bags or industrial bags.

Up to now, the bag closing thread is mainly made of polyester staple fibers and other raw materials twisted by multi strand yarn, which has the characteristics of alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and acid resistance. Widely used in feed factory, fertilizer factory, cement factory, rice factory, building materials factory. It can be used for knitting bags, paper bags, gunny bags and composite bags.

Anke industrial threads focuses on providing high-quality polyester yarn, polyester sewing thread and polyester bag closing thread. The company has strong technical force and high-quality imported textile, twisting and testing equipment. The products have the characteristics of high gloss, knotless and high strength, the quality reaches the international yarn standard.

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